handscupe® in paresis or rheumatism – developed with clinicians, therapists, and patients.

What is a handscupe®?

»handscupe®« is a novel type of ergonomically-shaped medical hand support, which serves for the positioning of hands that require positioning due to pathological symptoms.

The name is derived from the English terms »hand«, »shape«, and »curve«. handscupe® can support the treatment of symptoms caused by paresis or rheumatism, for example. By this means, pain can be alleviated, and mobility can be improved.

The use of handscupe® in physiotherapy or occupational therapy can have a sustained positive impact on therapy outcome.

handscupe® für mehr Lebensqualität im Alter
handscupe® paresis

It’s in your hands

We have taken the time to develop a therapeutic positioning device for hands that gives them the appreciation they deserve.

In a demanding development process over three years, the shape of the handscupe® was modelled based on the anatomical resting position of the human hand.

handscupe® has been designed for persons with impairments due to rheumatism or paresis, e.g. due to rheumatic diseases or paretic symptoms of the hand, such as spasms or contractures.

The unique design of the handscupe® enables the ergonomic, therapeutic positioning and valuable treatment support for impaired hands.

handscupe® addresses the specific needs and requirements for the relaxed positioning and activation of impaired hands. handscupe® provides the users with the opportunity to actively and sustainably support their therapy or physiotherapeutic measures.

handscupes® – shapes for health

The unique design of the handscupe® with its double-wall structure allows for the ergonomic, therapeutic positioning and valuable treatment support of impaired hands.

Easy, convenient and safe usage

handscupe® allows for the neutral, functional, and relaxed positioning of the fingers and hand. The ergonomically-shaped resting surface adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand and ensures appropriate therapeutic positioning. Thanks to the finger moulds, the fingers gently glide over the velvet-like surface into the correct anatomical position. The metacarpal area is supported by the bulge of handscupe®. The entire hand can rest in an optimal position. handscupe® can be used easily, safely, and comfortably in both a clinical environment and the patient’s home.

Made in Germany

High level of comfort – tested quality

  • Innovative material: biocompatible, ultra-light, shape-retaining, breathable, easy to clean
  • Accurate fit due to anatomical design
  • Velvet-like feel with a good grip
  • Special 3D material structure for climate regulation on the hand contact surface: Reduces unpleasant sweating of the hands and provides a pleasant sensation on the surface.
  • Convenient and variable application in many situations in life: during daily routine, during therapy, or for prophylactic use.
  • Equally suitable for clinical and home care use

handscupe® individual

Tailor-made manufacturing

For certain impairments, it may be useful to customise handscupe® to achieve optimal therapy results. We offer you the opportunity of custom-made handscupe® products. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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